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audio art design


music you want to see

It is said that 70% of the sound system is made by the speakers

It's also said that you have to try everything in life ....

This project is the result of our trying ... and the desire for originality.


"Hello, my name is Martin, and I like real things."

"So, when I listen to music, I really want to hear it. I want to perceive every tone, I want to enjoy all the instruments and feel that my favorite band is right here and is playing just for me. Music is my affair of my soul.

Those who also know that there are very few speakers on the market that meet the high demands of quality of the performance and can still be considered original. These two properties combined together are technologically demanding and therefore very expensive. 

Because we are initially more enthusiastic than manufacturers, we use high-quality materials and don't waste time compromising.

The results are what I know:

I present to you the Intervox design speakers - the music you want to see ...







Besides, it's a design piece from which everyone immediately realises I'm a fan of good music. Such pieces do not have to be hidden in the walls or under the TV, but on the contrary, they must be seen! The great experience of perfectly reproduced music you just want to share !!! 




You can be a proud owner; Surrounded by friends and people who also love the superior originality and personality. 




You can also have these original pieces at home, which are exceptional not only for what they look like, but also for their technical parameters. 

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